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I can't believe it!

There was a module - MOS Devices - that we could bring in 1 cheat sheet of A4 size paper (double-sided) for the 2.5-hours examination. Recently, I looked through some old files that I had for my Msc Study in NUS. I cannot believe I had put in such an effort to create the cheat sheet.

Cheat Sheet in PDF


RF Mini-Projects

There were 3 mini-projects for the module RF Circuit 1 and RF Circuit 2.

The projects are challenging for students without RF background. We just had to pass the mask layout of our design to the school. The PCB will be fabricated for us. We would then collect the PCB and components, do the assembly and testing in the lab. For the 3 designs, once they were assembled, they worked. We just had to test and collect the result. We were quite lucky. Depending on the complexity of testing, within 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes, we had collected the right result and were on our way home. For some other groups, it was a challenging task when the designs didn't work according to the simulated result. They had to stay back late in the night, make extra trips to troubleshoot, and hopefully get some decent results.

Microstrip BPF

img BPF

Microstrip LNA

img LNA

Microstrip Mixer

img mixer

These are the ADS project zap files. I am not sure whether the latest version of ADS can still unzap and run them. Somehow I lost the ADS project for LNA design. You are free to explore and use them.


ADS of Mixer